What We Do

Our Business Activities

At the Sports Business Headquarters of Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd., we aim to give our customers a more fulfilling and rewarding sporting life—through the golf goods, tennis goods and other products that we manufacture, through the fitness clubs and other sporting facilities that we operate and through our various other sports-related activities.

In addition to providing golf clubs, tennis rackets and other sporting gear that is backed by our outstanding technical capabilities, we also operate golf schools, tennis schools and fitness clubs to support our customers in improving their game, building their physiques and making new friends. Meanwhile, through our golf course, golf tournaments and more, we are actively engaged in various activities that aim to promote the idea of “Living with Sports” so that more and more people can have opportunities to experience the joy of sports.

  • Golf Goods

    We offer a wide lineup of golf clubs, golf balls, golf gear and support goods for every level and style of play so that more and more golfers can get the most enjoyment out of playing golf.
    Our three major golf brands are the favored choice of a great many golfers all over the world. Our “XXIO” brand pursues maximum carry distance, ease of hitting the ball and a pleasant, exhilarating overall feel. Our “SRIXON” brand is preferred by tour pros and other athlete golfers who are driven by passion for golf and a spirit that thrives on new challenges. Our “Cleveland Golf” brand gives golfers a strong edge in the short game.

  • Tennis Goods

    Under our major “DUNLOP” and “SRIXON” brands, we offer tennis rackets, shoes, apparel, accessories and other products that fulfill the diverse needs of tennis players so that they can fully harness their performance potential. Our tennis balls in particular have received wide acclaim for their reliable high quality and are therefore frequently adopted for use at major national and international tournaments.
    In addition, we also have an agreement with the French tennis goods manufacturer Babolat, which gives us exclusive rights to distribute Babolat products in Japan.

  • Fitness Clubs

    Through our “DUNLOP Sports Club” chain of general fitness clubs, we help our customers to build and maintain stronger, healthier bodies so that they can enjoy more active and energetic lives.
    In addition, we also operate a chain of 24-7 compact gyms (“Gym Style 24”), a chain of preventive care facilities that offer programs for senior citizens to maintain and improve motor functions (“Wellness Park”), an acupuncture and moxibustion clinic and more.

  • Golf Schools

    We have schools throughout Japan that help golfers of all levels—from beginners to advanced golfers—to brush up on their skills.
    In the almost 30 years since we opened our first location, DUNLOP GOLF SCHOOL has grown into one of the largest and most successful golf school chains in Japan, with some 100 locations throughout the country. Our unique instruction method, which combines general fitness with a theory of golf that is backed by ergonomic science, is not only popular among students, but also has a proven track record of success

  • Tennis Schools

    At DUNLOP TENNIS SCHOOL, highly experienced coaches teach a wide-ranging curriculum with lessons suited to the needs of players at all levels—from beginners to skilled tennis players. In addition to holding events and tournaments to help students improve their game while making new friends, our tennis schools also provide children’s lessons that teach sportsmanship and manners alongside technique in order to contribute to the cultivation of the next generation of tennis stars.

  • Golf Tournaments

    We organize several major golf tournaments in which world-class pro golfers compete, including the “DUNLOP Phoenix Tournament,” which is one of only a handful of tournaments on the international tour circuit that is held in Japan. In addition, through various events for children and families to enjoy, we are working to further popularize and rejuvenate the sport of golf.

  • Golf Course

    We run a golf course in the City of Kobe (in Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture), where we draw upon the extensive knowhow that we have gained through our many years in the golf business to provide a location where golfers can thoroughly enjoy the game of golf. With a quality environment for playing, our course provides a wide range of golfers with the kind of play experience that only DUNLOP can offer. In this way, we are working to contribute to the revitalization of the sport through various efforts to promote the spread and popularization of golf.