With 7.9 billion participants, humanity as a whole is striving to reach these goals while leaving nobody behind.
DUNLOP is also hard at work to achieve a sustainable future.
All for the Sake of the Earth, Sports & the Children of Tomorrow

※The UNFPA “State of the World Population Report 2021” gives the world’s population as 7.875 billion people
(an increase of 80M from the previous year).

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Our Commitment

Greater Strength Through Sustainability
〜We believe that a bright and sustainable future awaits us once we solve the pressing issues of today.〜

  • As a leader in the sporting goods industry, we are committed to promoting and accelerating environmentally friendly efforts toward achieving our goals for 2030.
  • We aim to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by promoting better all-around physical and mental health in order to enrich the lives of people of all ages.
  • We will continue working to reduce our environmental impact by promoting the development and proliferation of eco-friendly products in order to reduce plastic and other waste.


【Team Members Who Share in Our Lofty Aims】
Rejuvenating the Earth While Taking Action for the Future
~We each have our own role to fulfill alongside DUNLOP.~


Hideki Matsuyama (Affiliated with LEXUS)

Birthplace: Ehime Prefecture (Japan)

Career Highlights: 8 Tour Wins on PGA Tour (Including 1 Major),
8 Tour Wins in Japan (Including 1 Major)

One of the great things about the game of golf is the fact that anyone can enjoy a rejuvenating round of play while surrounded by the splendors of nature—the fresh sunlight, a refreshing breeze, the green grass. This is true for men and women of all ages and remains true for as long as we have our health. So that we may pass on to future generations this splendid natural environment along with the joys of golf, let us all do what we can for the earth right now, starting with what each of us can do personally. Together, let us take these first steps for the sake of future golfers 100 years from now!


Brooks Koepka

Birthplace: USA

Career Highlights: 8 Tour Wins on PGA Tour (Including 4 Major), 5 Tour Wins on DP WORLD TOUR(including Challenge Tour), 2 Tour Wins in Japan

I played the Dunlop Phoenix Tournament in 2016,2017 and 2018, and it was my great honor to be in winner’s circle two years in a row. I was grad to lean that there has been several initiatives in the Tournament, such as charity fund-raising that contributing to local community, and moreover, such initiatives have been carried out for almost 30 years which is truly impressive.
I support the series of SRI's initiatives for SDGs and personally, I will start what I can do for SDGs.


Graeme McDowell

Birthplace: Northern Ireland

Career Highlights: 4 Tour Wins on PGA Tour (Including 1 Major), 10 Tour Wins on DP WORLD TOUR(including Challenge Tour)

I am from Northern Ireland, and Europe is a leading area in terms of SDGs, with the top 10 countries in the world ranking in terms of SDGs achievement by country all being European countries. Dunlop is a brand that originated in the UK. I have high expectations for Dunlop's SDGs initiatives for the future of the planet, sports, and children.


Shane Lowry

Birthplace: Ireland

Career Highlights: 2 Tour Wins on PGA Tour (Including 1 Major), 3 Tour Wins on DP WORLD TOUR(including Challenge Tour)

The Open Championship in 2019 was one of the special games to me in my career. I remember that in the Open, the tournament organizer encouraged actions to reduce the use of plastic cups and bottles.
We, the players in the game demonstrated bringing and use of personal bottle to take the lead in the action.
It's been more than 2 years since then, and I see such environmental free practices in our daily lives, and I realized such movement spreading across the world.


Yuki Inamori (Affiliated with International Sports Promotion Society)

Birthplace: Kagoshima Prefecture (Japan)

Career Highlights: 4 Tour Wins in Japan (1 Challenge)

While I enjoy going out for a drive in my car, I always make a conscious effort to practice eco-driving in order to reduce my CO2 emissions. This is one small thing that I can do to lessen my own impact on the earth’s environment. Global warming is a huge problem that affects us golfers as well. And so, I want to change our awareness and our actions even if only a little, starting with the things that we can do right now.
※Eco-Driving: A style of driving that aims to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by (for example) avoiding sudden acceleration and braking as much as possible.


Kotono Kozuma (Affiliated with Samantha Thavasa)

Birthplace: Kagoshima Prefecture (Japan)

Career Highlights: 3 Tour Wins in Japan (2 Step up)

I was three years old when I started playing golf, and my younger brother, Jinichiro (who is also a pro golfer), started playing at the age of two. Golf is a game that anyone can enjoy, from young children to senior citizens. And as I myself can attest, one can make many friends and learn many things while playing golf. So that we can pass on these joys of golf to future generations, I want to do whatever I can for the earth’s environment, starting with the things that we can do right now.


Tsuneyuki Nakajima (Affiliated with Shizu Hills Country Club)

Birthplace: Gunma Prefecture (Japan)

Career Highlights: 60 Tour Wins in Japan (After 1973 48Wins) , Senior Tour 5 Wins

In 1985, I became the first Japanese pro golfer to win the DUNLOP Phoenix Tournament, which has special meaning for me as a native of Miyazaki Prefecture, where the tournament is held. Since long before SDGs became the talk of the town, this tournament has gone hand in hand with DUNLOP’s social contribution activities in Miyazaki, something that I very much hope to see continue long into the future. I also think that it is wonderful how DUNLOP is taking on the challenges of transitioning to 100% sustainable raw materials* in all of the golf balls that they sell by the year 2050.
※As part of our efforts to achieve carbon neutrality, we are committed to gradually increasing the amount of biomass and recycled raw materials that we use in our golf balls and tennis balls. We aim to begin selling practice balls with 20% sustainable raw material content by the year 2030. Next, we will aim to ensure that all of the golf balls that we sell are made with 100% sustainable raw materials by the year 2050.
Sustainable Raw Materials: Biomass Raw Materials (i.e. Raw Materials Derived from Non-Petroleum Natural Resources) & Recycled Raw Materials


Ayano Yasuda (Affiliated with ThreeBond)

Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture (Japan)

Career Highlights: 1 Tour Win in Japan (1 Step up)

We pro golfers play throughout the year, and this has given me a first-hand glimpse of the emerging effects of climate change. Already, torrential rains and days of extreme heat are occurring with noticeably greater frequency than before in some areas. One small thing that we can do about this is top dressing to nurture and protect the grass at golf courses. I believe that this kind of small action and attentiveness can accumulate and ultimately contribute to overall environmental protection for the whole planet.


Miyuu Yamashita (Affiliated with KAGA ELECTRONICS)

Birthplace: Osaka Prefecture (Japan)

Career Highlights: 6 Tour Wins in Japan (Including 2 Majors)

When it comes to sustainability activities, I think that it is very important for both companies and individuals to make an effort, starting with what they can do now.
DUNLOP is making an effort by removing the plastic film from packing boxes for golf balls and gloves. I believe that this kind of activity is having a positive effect in terms of building momentum toward reducing the use of plastic throughout the industry.
I myself also hope to make a conscious effort to engage in environmentally friendly activities, no matter how small.


Yui Kamiji (Affiliated with Mitsui Sumitomo Banking Corporation)

Birthplace: Hyogo Prefecture (Japan)

Career Highlights: 24 Grand Slam Wheelchair Tennis Wins (8 Ladies Singles, 16 Ladies Doubles)

I have collaborated with DUNLOP for nearly 30 years now. Not only do they support me personally by providing rackets, balls and other gear, but they also sponsor a major international wheelchair tennis tournament in which I compete: the DUNLOP Kobe Open.
Behind their continuing support, I sense a strong passion for bringing the joys of tennis to all comers while leaving nobody behind, as well as a strong sense of responsibility and dedication to contributing to communities and to society at large.
Although athletes and sporting goods manufacturers occupy very different positions in society, our thoughts are one and the same, and so I look forward to continuing to forge ahead together.


Koji Sugeno (Affiliated with Recruit)

Birthplace: Saitama Prefecture (Japan)

Career Highlights: Bronze Medal in Wheelchair Tennis Quad Men’s Doubles at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics

In my case, I only began seriously competing in wheelchair tennis after reaching the age of 35. Nevertheless, once I started, I never stopped working to achieve my dream of winning a medal at the Paralympics. When my dream finally came true, the sense of achievement and fulfillment that I felt in that moment gave me so much joy; I would not trade that feeling for anything in the world.
For the sake of the earth’s environment, DUNLOP has pledged to use 100% sustainable raw materials in all of the tennis balls that they sell by the year 2050. This goal is very challenging, but I also think that these efforts are very exciting.
I hope to see DUNLOP continuing to take on the challenges of such lofty goals without giving up when it comes to working toward a brighter future for the sport of tennis.


【Our Path from Past to Future】
Taking to heart our responsibilities as a leader in the sporting goods industry, we are working to…
Achieve our goal of reducing the amount of plastic used in product packaging by half by the year 2030.
Overcome the challenges of creating the ultimate eco-friendly balls, made using 100% sustainable raw materials, by the year 2050.
While always thinking about how we can create a sustainable future for the world of sports, we will continue working to expand our team for ongoing action.


Reducing Plastic Used in Product Packaging by Half by 2030

By the year 2030, we aim to achieve a 50% reduction in the amount of petroleum-based plastics used in product packaging (compared with 2019 levels).

  • Tennis BallsReducing the Use of Plastic Lids for Containers
  • Tennis BallsMaking PET Containers Thinner
  • Golf BallsEliminating the Use of Window Film in Sleeve Boxes
  • Golf Clubs & GearSimplified Packaging & Shifting to Sustainable Materials
  • Wooden TeesReplacing Plastic Packaging with Eco-Friendly Paper

Tennis Balls Reducing the Use of Plastic Lids for Containers

Transitioning to Sustainable Raw Materials to Reduce Overall CO2 Emissions

Toward ultimately achieving carbon neutrality, we will be gradually increasing the amount of biomass and recycled raw materials used in our golf balls and tennis balls.

  • Golf Balls2030 Target: 20% Sustainable Raw Material Content (Practice Balls)
    2050 Target: 100% Sustainable Raw Material Content (All Balls Sold)
  • Tennis Balls2030 Target: Launch of First Balls to Feature 100% Sustainable Raw Material Content
    2050 Target: 100% Sustainable Raw Material Content (All Balls Sold)

We are also pushing ahead with the development of new materials that have less environmental impact for all of our other products, as well.

Achieving & Maintaining Complete Zero Emissions at Our Manufacturing Bases

In the interests of building a recycling-oriented society, we promote the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) with respect to waste at all of our manufacturing bases.
We achieved complete zero emissions at our golf ball factory in Ichijima in 2005, at our golf club factory in Miyazaki in 2006 and at our tennis ball factory in Thailand in 2011.


Ichijima Factory (Golf Balls)

Miyazaki Factory (Golf Clubs)

Thailand Factory (Tennis Balls)

Contributing to the Health of All People Through Our Wellness Business

Through our Wellness Business, we aim to contribute to better health and QOL (Quality of Life) for people in all walks of life through the sports gyms that we operate, the long-term preventive care services that we provide and more.


Discontinuing the Use of Window Film in Sleeve Boxes

We have already begun eliminating window film from our sleeve boxes, starting with our latest lineup of golf balls released in the fall of 2021.

XXIO REBOUND DRIVE (released in the fall of 2021)

Improving Product Durability & Lifespan

Through various improvements in terms of materials and structures, we are working to improve overall product durability and lifespan with the ultimate aim of reducing waste.

(Left)SRIXON Glove GGG-S026 (Right)XXIO Glove GGG-X013

Developing Lightweight Products

Reducing product weight not only makes products more convenient for the users who carry them, but also contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions involved in product transportation.

FORT(Pressure rised Tennis Balls)

Modal Shift

When it comes to transporting raw materials and finished products, we are actively promoting the transition away from trucks and other motor vehicles and toward rail and freight ships, which create less environmental impact (in terms of CO2 emissions, etc.).

Reducing Paper Usage

We are working to reduce the amount of paper used in product packages and packaging, catalogs and so forth.

Embracing Diversity Through Design for All Ages, Genders & Physical Capabilities

We aim to design products and to create an environment so that all people can enjoy sports, regardless of age, gender or any kind of disability.

We also make active use of universal design for our product manuals, etc.

Promoting Afforestation Activities

We actively promote tree planting activities around Ichijima Factory and our other bases of operations.

Controlling & Reducing Chemical Waste

We are working to reduce the usage of organic solvents in product coatings, etc. while increasing the usage of plant-based inks in printed materials and so forth.

Upholding Human Rights & Combatting Child Labor & Forced Labor

The Sumitomo Rubber Group is committed to upholding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the Conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and other international standards pertaining to human rights, as our own thinking on human rights is fully aligned with these standards.
As such, our group has prohibited all forms of forced labor, as well as the exploitation of the labor of children who have not yet reached working age, in every country and region in which we operate.

Utility Saving Efforts at Our Factories & Wellness Facilities, etc.

We are working to reduce the usage of power, gas, water and other utilities at our Head Office, our factories and our sports clubs and other wellness facilities.

Contributing to Society Through Sponsored Tournaments & Competitions

Contributing to Society Through Sponsored Tournaments & Competitions Through the tournaments that we sponsor and various other activities, we are working to contribute to society in cooperation with competitive athletes.

Supporting the DUNLOP Kobe Open Wheelchair Tennis Tournament

Our company has supported the DUNLOP Kobe Open since 1994 and became a special sponsor in 2009, when this wheelchair tennis tournament went international.


The technical development capabilities that we have cultivated in order to create joy and well-being for all players will now serve as the driving force behind our efforts to create a sustainable future.
We will be accelerating our efforts to tackle the challenges of the SDGs with all of our might.

Through our Sports Business, we aim to enrich the lives of people of all ages by contributing to better all-around physical and mental health.

With the acceleration of climate change and other recent trends affecting the earth’s environment and societies worldwide, it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell what the future holds in store for us. Regardless, it is clear that there is no time left to wait when it comes to solving the various social issues surrounding our business. And so, having made working toward solutions to these social issues throughout all of our business activities a key management priority, the Sumitomo Rubber Group is committed to tackling these challenges with all of our might as we strive to achieve sustainable growth both for our group and for society as a whole.
In particular, I hope to accelerate the efforts of our Sports Business in the following three key areas.

Hideaki Kawamatsu
Senior Executive Officer & Head of the Sports Business HQ
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

We are promoting the development of products that feature both high performance and refined sensibilities, such as the outstanding carry performance and exhilarating impact sensation that our golf clubs provide. In this way, we hope to enhance the joy of sports so that more and more people around the world will get exercise more often, which in turn will lead to better all-around health.

We are advancing the development of products that have less environmental impact through efforts to enhance product durability as well as the proactive development and adoption of biomass and recycled materials.

Through our Wellness Business, we aim to contribute to better health and QOL (Quality of Life) for people in all walks of life through the sports gyms that we operate, the long-term preventive care services that we provide and more.