Our story

1909Establishment of The Dunlop Rubber Co., (Far East) Ltd. Japan branch.
1917Incorporation of The Dunlop Rubber Co., (Far East) Ltd. in Japan.
(Original capital of 1,180,000 yen financed entirely by UK Dunlop)

Manufacturing of golf and tennis balls begins at Kobe Factory.

1960First investment made by Sumitomo Group. Adoption of a new Dunlop logo.
1961Manufacturing of the DUNLOP FORT tennis balls begins.
1963Acquisition by Sumitomo Group. Company name changed to Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd.

Manufacturing of golf clubs in Japan begins.

1970Adoption of IR Latex as coating for golf ball cores.
1972Opening of Kakogawa Factory. Transfer of tennis ball manufacturing from Kobe to Kakogawa Factory.
1973Establishment of Dunlop Sports Enterprises.

Manufacturing of DUNLOP DDH two-piece golf balls begins.


Introduction of ROYAL MAXFLI and DDH TOUR SPECIAL golf balls.

1994Completion of Golf Science Center in Ichijima (Tamba City, Hyogo prefecture).

Introduction of TOUR SPECIAL METAL MIX, the world's first balls to utilize metallic compounds.
Completion of factory exclusively for golf ball manufacturing in Ichijima.
Establishment of Southeast Asian sales affiliate Srixon Sports Asia Sdn. Bhd.

1997Establishment of North American sales affiliate Srixon Sports USA, Inc.

Introduction of MAXFLI HI-BRID, the world's first three piece golf balls to utilize a urethane mid-layer.
Commencement of golf ball manufacturing by P.T. Sumi Rubber Indonesia.


Introduction of XXIO line of golf balls and clubs.

2001Establishment of European sales affiliate Srixon Sports Europe, Ltd.
2002Introduction of the second generation of XXIO golf clubs.
Establishment of Oceania sales affiliate Srixon Sports Australasia Pty. Ltd.
2003Introduction of XXIO golf balls utilizing Aero Power Dimple design.
Establishment of Sumitomo Rubber Industries Group's sporting goods department as an independent branch, SRI Sports Limited.
2004Introduction of the third generation of XXIO golf clubs.
2005Introduction of third generation XXIO and SRIXON Z-UR golf balls.

Introduction of All New XXIO (fourth generation XXIO) golf clubs.
Introduction of XXIO DC golf balls.
Listing on First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


Introduction of SRIXON WR golf clubs.
Introduction of new series of SRIXON Z-UR golf balls.
Establishment of Srixon Sports Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand for the manufacture of tennis balls.
Acquisition of North American golf club manufacturer Cleveland Golf Company, Inc.
Introduction of The XXIO (fifth generation XXIO) golf clubs.
Introduction of XXIO XD golf balls.
Introduction of The XXIO driver.

2008Introduction of XXIO Premium golf balls.
Consolidation of sales affiliates following the 2007 acquisition of Cleveland Golf.
Commencement of the first Dunlop World Challenge Tennis Tournament.
Introduction of The XXIO REVO driver.

Introduction of SRIXON Z-STAR golf balls.
Establishment of China sales affiliate Changshu Srixon Sports Co.,Ltd.
Establishment of Hong Kong sales affiliate Srixon Sports Hong Kong Co.,Ltd.
Introduction of XXIO SUPER XD golf balls.
Introduction of Srixon X series tennis racquets.
Introduction of "New" XXIO(sixth generation XXIO)golf clubs.


Introduction of NEW XXIO Premium golf balls.
Introduction of SRIXON V Series tennis racquets.
Introduction of Z-STAR XV golf balls.
Acquisition of stock (ownership) in South African sales company.


Establishment of Korea sales affiliate Srixon Sports Korea Ltd. (Company name changed to Dunlop Sports Korea Co., Ltd in 2012.)
Introduction of XXIO 7(seventh generation XXIO) golf clubs.
Introduction of SRIXON REVO X tennis racquets.


Introduction of SRIXON REVO V tennis racquets.
Establishment of the Shanghai office.
Company name changed to DUNLOP SPORTS CO. LTD.
Introduction of SRIXON Z series golf clubs.
Establishment of the Srixon Golf Science Center in China.
Establishment of Thailand sales affiliate Srixon Sports (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Commencement of China’s first ladies golf tour, SRIXON XXIO Ladies Open.


Introduction of XXIO XD-AERO golf balls
Acquisition of stock (ownership) in Korean golf equipment distributor (Cleveland Golf Korea).
Formation of alliance with ASICS corporation in golf shoes.
Introduction of ladies golf clubs, SRIXON amica.
Introduction of XXIO 8(eight generation XXIO)golf clubs.


Introduction of XXIO AERO SPIN golf balls.
Introduction of SRIXON soft tennis balls
Commencement of Dunlop SRIXON Fukushima Open.
Introduction of SRIXON Z series golf clubs.
Acquisition of fitness company Kitz Wellness Co., Ltd.
(current Dunlop Sports Wellness Co. Ltd.)


Introduction of SRIXON Z-STAR series golf balls.
Introduction of XXIO AERO DRIVE golf balls.
Introduction of SRIXON REVO CZ series tennis racket.
Opening of Dunlop Sports Club “GYM STYLE24”, a compact-size gym with 24 hours access.
Introduction of XXIO 9(nine generation XXIO)golf clubs.


Introduction of XXIO UX AERO golf balls.
Introduction of SRIXON REVO CV Series tennis rackets.
Introduction of SRIXON -X- golf balls.
Introduction of SRIXON Z Series golf clubs.


Introduction of SRIXON Z-STAR Series golf balls.
Introduction of XXIO SUPER SOFT X golf balls.
Introduction of SRIXON REVO CX Series tennis rackets.
Opening of Dunlop Sports Club “GYM STYLE+”, a compact-size gym.
Introduction of XXIO X (ten generation XXIO) golf clubs.

2018Merged with Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. To become its new Sports Business Headquarters.